D'Appolonia (Italy)

D'Appolonia logoD’Appolonia is a major Italy-based engineering company that provides multidisciplinary engineering consulting and design services to a great variety of public and private clients. The Company was established by Dr. Elio D’Appolonia in 1956 in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), and has been located in Italy since 1981.

In 1983 the Italian office, with headquarters in Genoa, became the independent company D’Appolonia S.p.A. The company became part of the RINA Group in December 2011.

D’Appolonia’s Innovation Consulting division provides specialised engineering services in the field of Innovation Management to large enterprises, SMEs, research centres, funding institutes, public bodies.

The Innovation Consulting Division of D’Appolonia has been the Italian broker of ESA’s Technology Transfer Network since 1991. D’Appolonia can count on strong assets related to assessing the transferability of technologies out of their original domains.

For further information on D’Appolonia, please see http://www.dappolonia.it. For further information on the RINA group, please visit: http://www.rinagroup.org/en/index.aspx.

Key contacts at D’Appolonia:

  • Tanya Scalia  +39 06 59450300 / tanya.scalia@dappolonia.it
  • Stefano Carosio  +39 010 362 8148 / stefano.carosio@dappolonia.it
  • Raimondo De Laurentiis  +39 010 362 8148 / raimondo.delaurentiis@dappolonia.it
  • Andrea Ferrari  +39 010 362 8148 / andrea.ferrari@dappolonia.it