TECNALIA Ventures (Spain)

TECNALIA Research & Innovation coordinates ESA’s Space Technology Transfer Program in Spain. To conduct this task, TECNALIA identifies and assesses space technologies that might be transferrable to non-space applications, acting as a market place to link space technology donors with non-space sector technology receivers.

TECNALIA is the largest private technology centre in Spain, with 15 locations including San Sebastian, Madrid, Zaragoza, Vitoria, Bilbao, Andalucía, and Barcelona. TECNALIA has become a recognised space technology provider with more than 20 years in the sector. It has a large network in the Spanish space sector and is an active member of PROESPACIO/TEDAE. Moreover, TECNALIA works in a multi-sectorial and cooperative approach, which facilitates the transversal transfer of space technologies.

The brokerage operates with a centralised service from the TECNALIA Technology Transfer Office (VENTURES) with staff specialised in technology transfer development and who will manage the overall broker activities. This makes better use of the available resources at TECNALIA, particularly as there is now a greater emphasis on spin-in technologies. The brokerage action for ESA will be incorporated into the existing TTO framework and run alongside existing programs.

TECNALIA VENTURES manage the Spanish space technologies catalogue, which includes over 100 Spanish space-related patents/technologies. The catalogue is always further enlarged with new technologies and is used to both determine potential transfers, as well as to promote the Spanish space technology providers through the ESA Broker Network.

TECNALIA VENTURES disposes of an Incubation Centre in Bilbao, and an effective network with Spanish ESINET/Incubators, particularly with Barcelona Activa (ESA BIC Spain) and with regional incubation centres and EEN network related to space-based technology.

The role and responsibilities of TECNALIA VENTURES within the TTN is as follows:

  • Coordination of ESA TTN in Spain
  • Commercialisation and brokerage for space technologies
  • Transfer feasibility and valorisation studies
  • ESA patent evaluation
  • Development and product re-engineering
  • Market and diversification studies
  • To facilitate, advice and support the transfer of space developed technologies to non-space industries, including:
    • Telecommunications
    • Transport – aeronautical, automotive
    • Energy
    • Food Research
    • Medical


Key contacts at TECNALIA Ventures:

  • Jesús Marcos:  +34 620921924 / jesus.marcos@tecnalia.com
  • Richard Seddon  +34 667 116 100 / richard.seddon@tecnalia.com